Rides for MaineCare, Healthcare & Veterans

MaineCare Rides
Effective August 1, 2014, all rides to MaineCare-covered appointments must be scheduled through LogistiCare, the regional broker for all MaineCare Rides. Please contact them at 1-855-608-5180

These links may be helpful
MaineDHHS Non-Emergency Transportation information
LogistiCare Maine information

Rides to Healthcare for Everyone
WMTS may be able to get you to your medical appointments reliably and affordably on one of our green buses.
In Androscoggin, Oxford and Franklin Counties, the United Way-funded Community Rides programs may be a cost-free option.
Throughout our service area, funding provided to WMTS through Seniors Plus may be a cost-free option to get seniors to medical appointments.
These programs require riders to meet guidelines to qualify and funding is limited. Please call 1-800-393-9335 for more information.

Please call as far in advance as possible to schedule a ride at 1-800-393-9335
7:30 am-5:30 pm Monday-Friday

WMTS Public Bus Fares
All Fares are per boarding
Distance Reduced* Adult
0-25 Miles $1.50/Trip $3.00/Trip
26-50 Miles $3.00/Trip $6.00/ Trip
51 + Miles $3.75/Trip $7.50/ Trip

* Seniors 60+, Children 5-11, Disabled, Medicare
Accompanied children under 5 ride free.

Veterans can access the Lewiston VA Clinic on the Lewison/Auburn citylink bus service and complementary ADA paratransit buses, the Lisbon Connection service and from outlying areas on our paratransit bus services as follows:

Weekly trips from outlying areas to Lewiston/Auburn:
  • Norway/South Paris-Tuesdays
  • Rumford/Mexico-Wednesdays
  • Farmington/Wilton via Dixfield/Mexico/Rumford/Peru/Canton/Livermore (Brettun's)/Turner-Wednesdays
  • Farmington/Wilton via Jay/Livermore Falls/Livermore/Turner-Fridays
Stops in L/A include: Auburn Mall/citylink free shoppers’ shuttle, Lewiston Oak Street Bus station/citylink buses/Lisbon Connection/Greyhound, Lewiston Mall, Lewiston VA Clinic

Reservations are required. Please call Customer Service at 1-800-393-9335, at least one day in advance.
NOTE: It may be necessary to meet the bus at a stop along its route.