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WMTS assumes operation of the Brunswick Explorer

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WMTS assumes operation of the Brunswick Explorer

In an agreement with the Maine Department of Transportation, Western Maine Transportation Services (WMTS) of Auburn assumed operation of the Brunswick Explorer bus service from Coastal Trans at the end of the day on Friday, April 22, 2016.

WMTS General Manager, Sandra (Sandy) Buchanan said, “WMTS is saddened by the circumstances that have brought us to this point, but we look forward to serving the riders of the Brunswick Explorer and continuing the excellent service started by Coastal Trans. It is our intention to retain the current staff and make as few changes as possible to the service, unless it is to grow the system, as funding and opportunity allow.” Buchanan stated the service will be uninterrupted during the transition.

Recently, WMTS had been contracted by Coastal Trans to provide some of the maintenance services for its fleet. “Having our in-house service facility allows us to provide more cost-efficient preventive maintenance and repairs and allows for more attention to passenger amenities that are unique to transit vehicles such as lifts and ramps,” said Buchanan.

Buchanan concluded, “We were very sorry to learn that our good friends at Coastal Trans were unable to continue operating, but we fully understand the stresses they were experiencing. We can only congratulate them for many years of outstanding service to their communities.”